14 Best Sonax Ceramic Spray Coating: 2022 Reviews & Buyer Guide

14 Best Sonax Ceramic Spray Coating: 2022 Reviews & Buyer Guide

There are thousands of Sonax Ceramic Spray Coating on the market today, but it’s hard to find the best ones. Here, we have done the research to help you find the best Sonax Ceramic Spray Coating available so that you can get started with your search and be confident in your choice.

We know that it can be difficult to find the right product for your needs, especially when there are so many options available. That’s why we’ve created this guide to help you make an informed decision about what you buy. We’ll tell you about each product and explain why it is good or bad for your needs, so that no matter what kind of product you’re looking for, our guide will help.

If you want to get started finding out which products are worth buying and which ones aren’t, scroll down!


List of 14 Best Sonax Ceramic Spray Coating Reviews

Sonax 257400 Ceramic Spray Coating 750ml White

$26.67  in stock
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as of November 27, 2023 5:00 pm


  • INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGY - Si-Carbon Technology lays down a durable carbon layer that bonds to the paint, then lays a thin layer of silicone over the top to give you a just waxed look and feel, creates a durable mirror-like shine
  • LONGEVITY AND DURABILITY - Treatment lasts up to 6 months and protects all treated surfaces from dirt, insects, road grime, salt, and harmful UV rays
  • SAFE TO USE on any hard surface; such as paint, plastics, chrome, moldings, and wheels, Versatile ceramic coating is as easy as spray on and wipe off, leaving a streak free and professional look
  • REJUVENATOR - Ceramic Spray Coating can be used as a refresher for other ceramic products, this product increases longevity of other existing sealants or coatings that may already be on your vehicles surface
  • DO IT YOURSELF COATING - This "Do It Yourself" coating will give you the impression that the coating was professionally done, only you will know that it was as easy as spray on and wipe off

Sonax 236941 Ceramic Coating CC36

 in stock
6 new from $64.99
as of November 27, 2023 5:00 pm


  • EASY TO APPLY two-stage coating blankets your vehicle's paint in a flexible shell of ultra high gloss protection
  • PROTECTION for your paint and bodywork against UV light, chemicals, road salt, tar, and more
  • PRO-GRADE CERAMIC KIT includes all products and tools necessary to achieve professional results on your car or truck
  • PROFESSIONAL CERAMIC COATING provides a protective covering on your vehicle's surface with Nano-Ceramic particles providing a flexible but tough 3D structured high gloss coating
  • DURABLE 9H ceramic quartz protection that lasts up to 1 year, or up to 3 years when Sonax Polymer Net Shield is applied every 6 months

Sonax 268400 Ceramic Ultra Slick Detailer, 750ml, White

$21.80  in stock
10 new from $21.80
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as of November 27, 2023 5:00 pm


  • INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGY - Si-Carbon Technology lays down a durable carbon layer that bonds to the paint, then lays a thin layer of silicone over the top to give you a just waxed look and feel, creates slick hydrophobic protection
  • LONGEVITY AND DURABILITY - Ultra Slick Detailer is easily applied leaving behind slick protection for your paint that will last for months
  • REJUVENATES AND REFRESHES any existing sealant or coating that may already be on your vehicles surface, Rejuvenating the sealant or coating gives it longevity and a slick just waxed feel
  • SAFE TO USE on all exterior hard surfaces, creates a very smooth finish with high water beading protection, Protests against dirt, insects, road grime, salt, harmful UV rays and water spots
  • CAN BE USED as a vehicle maintance product in between washes, Great to use as a waterless wash and paint rejuvenator

Sonax (243400) Spray and Seal - 25.36 fl. oz.

$22.69  in stock
11 new from $18.32
Free shipping
as of November 27, 2023 5:00 pm


  • WASH, SPRAY, RINSE, DRY - Easy to use formula sprays on your wet vehicle after washing, then rinse off and dry for a water and dirt repellent finish
  • HIGHLY EFFECTIVE - Seals your vehicle's paintwork, chrome, glass, wheels and plastic against water, water spots and dirt with superior water beading
  • HYDROPHOBIC - Sonax Spray + Seal is a touchless spray-on sealant that provides an instant hydrophobic layer simply by spraying on a wet vehicle and rinsing off
  • RESTORE COLOR AND SHINE - Enhances color depth on your car or truck and provides a mirror like shine on paint, bodywork, trim and chrome
  • Touchless fomula is extremely quick, effective, and easy to use when washing your car. Do not use on hot surfaces, do not apply in direct sunlight, do not allow to dry

Turtle Wax 53409 Hybrid Solutions Ceramic Spray Coating, Incredible Shine & Protection for Car Paint, Extreme Water Beading, Safe for Cars, Trucks, Motorcycles, RV's & More, 16 oz.

 in stock
23 new from $13.93
Free shipping
as of November 27, 2023 5:00 pm


  • Extreme Water Repelency- Infused with super hydrophobic SiO2 polymers that repels water, dirt, and road contaminants keeping your car cleaner for longer in between washings
  • Ultimate Shine- Formulated with synthetic wax polymers to enhance car paint surfaces, adding a brilliant mirror-like shine, gloss, and depth of color
  • Long Lasting Protection- Ceramic Spray Coating provides durable protection to surfaces that withstands wash after wash and can last 6 months or more
  • Easy Application- Simply spray on a clean dry car, applying 1 or 2 sprays per panel, spread and buff to a reflective shine with a folded microfiber cloth; for best performance paint should be free of oxidation and surface contaminants by using a clay bar or polish first. Can be applied in direct sunlight.
  • Multi Surface USe- Can be used on all exterior surfaces including glass, headlights, trim, and wheels. Not recommended for soft sided convertible tops.

CERAKOTE® Rapid Ceramic Paint Sealant (12 oz.) – Now 50% More With a Premium Sprayer! - Maximum Gloss & Shine – Extremely Hydrophobic – Unmatched Slickness - Pro Results

$17.95  in stock
4 new from $17.95
4 used from $17.77
Free shipping
as of November 27, 2023 5:00 pm


  • UNSURPASSED SLICKNESS – You simply have to touch it to believe how slick this finish is
  • MAXIMUM GLOSS AND SHINE – Hands down the highest level of gloss and shine you will ever experience; Achieve mirror-like results in a simple application, right in your own driveway
  • EXTREMELY HYDROPHOBIC – Cerakote's true ceramic technology repels water, road grime, mud and dirt making your car stay cleaner, longer!
  • QUICK AND EASY TO APPLY - Simply wash and dry your vehicle as you normally would; Then evenly spray a light coat directly to a panel or small area of your vehicle;, then, just lightly buff the coating to an incredible shine! It really doesn't get any easier than this!

Mothers 01024 CMX Ceramic Spray Coating, 24 fl. oz.

 in stock
19 new from $15.41
Free shipping
as of November 27, 2023 5:00 pm


  • Offers Ultra-Durable, Super-Hydrophobic Protection
  • Powerful Blend Of Sio2 (Silicon Dioxide) And Tio2 (Titanium Dioxide)
  • Provides Ultra Long-Term Protection From The Elements And Continuous Water Beading
  • Easy To Use; Just Spray On And Wipe Off

Griot's Garage 10835 Ceramic Glass Cleaner 22oz

$9.99  in stock
as of November 27, 2023 5:00 pm


  • Ceramic Glass Cleaner features advanced silane polymer technology combined with SiO2 to clean and protect your exterior glass in one simple step.
  • Adds hydrophobic protection to your glass as you clean
  • Drastically increases wet weather driving visibility
  • Reduces the need for windshield wipers, extending their life
  • Great for extending durability of our popular Glass Sealant

Sonax (287400-755) Brilliant Shine Detailer - 25.36 fl. oz., Silver

$16.99  in stock
6 new from $16.99
as of November 27, 2023 5:00 pm


  • HYBRID POLYMER TECHNOLOGY - Sonax Brilliant Shine Detailer uses hybrid polymer technology to gently cleans lightly soiled paint surfaces without scratching - safe for glass, rubber and plastic
  • BRILLIANT DEEP SHINE - Improves your vehicle's paint finish with a velvety smooth surface and adds a brilliant deep shine to your paint surface with anti-static and UV protection
  • LONG LASTING PROTECTION - Gently cleans and details your vehicle while adding long lasting protection that lasts for 6-8 car washes
  • EASY TO USE - Detailer spray quickly and easily refreshes existing waxes and sealants already applied to the vehicle paint surface - thick formula stays where you want it without running onto other areas of your vehicle
  • Hydrophobic, silicone free formula helps repel water, dirt and grime. *Do not use on hot surfaces, do not allow to dry

Sonax OS 02-06 Glaze | 3 in 1 Polish with Cutting, Polishing, and Protection | All-in-One Compound, Polish, and Ceramic Protection | Use with DA, Rotary, or by Hand (DIY), 8.45 OZ.

$20.99  in stock
2 new from $20.99
Free shipping
as of November 27, 2023 5:00 pm


  • ONE STEP POLISH – SONAX Glaze 02-06 is a 3 in 1 polish. Glaze cuts, polishes, and leaves a ceramic protection; all in one step.
  • CUTS (2) – Removes scratches of up to 3000 grit scratches.
  • POLISHES (6) – Restores your vehicle depth in paint back to its original glory. Creating a mirror like shine and finish.
  • CERAMIC PROTECTION – OS 02/06 leaves behind a slick and durable ceramic protection. Eliminate the next step in the protection polish with this three in one product.

Adam's Polishes Advanced Graphene Ceramic Spray Coating (12oz) - 18+ Month Sprayable Graphene Oxide Ceramic Coating for Cars, Boats, RV's & Motorcycle | Adds Extreme Gloss, Depth, Shine & Protection

$49.99  in stock
2 new from $49.99
Free shipping
as of November 27, 2023 5:00 pm


  • ✅ TRUE GRAPHENE CERAMIC SPRAY COATING - In the car care industry, ceramic coatings and nano technology have become buzzwords and industry standards and although sometimes effective, these are not true “ceramic coatings”. They are silica infused products that behave like a coating. Adam’s has created the next evolution of ceramic coatings creating a legitimate spray graphene coating.
  • ✅ PATENT PENDING CERAMIC GLOW TECHNOLOGY - Now with Patent Pending Ceramic Glow Technology , ceramic coating your vehicle has never been easier. Infused with UV tracers that activate with UV Blue Light, you can visibly trace your ceramic application & never miss a spot. When used with Adam's UV Flashlight, this coating allows you to see where the coating has been applied!
  • ✅ EFFORTLESSLY COAT YOUR ENTIRE VEHICLE - Ceramic Spray Coating is an industry changing product that uses cutting edge technology to seal your paint! Using the most unique and user-friendly graphene chemistry on the planet, weekend hobbyists and detailing enthusiasts can easily add ceramic graphene protection to their exterior surfaces. This will be the most powerful addition to your professional car detailing wash kit or your arsenal of car cleaning supplies.
  • ✅ GREAT FOR ALL EXTERIOR CAR SURFACES - Adam’s Ceramic Spray Coating provides protection to an extreme range of areas on your vehicle. Painted Surfaces, Wheels, Glass, Headlights, Plastic Trim, Bed Liners, Tonneau Covers, Canvas Tops, Floor Mats, Chrome, Unfinished Metal— All are safe to be protected. As much as we want you to spray the entire vehicle at once, we strongly recommend that you go panel by panel to ensure a thorough application and control of overspray.
  • ✅ 110% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE & USA MADE - At Adam’s, we strive to bring the BEST waxes, sealants, ceramic coatings, microfiber towels, wash mitts, garage tools, accessories, detailing kits, sponges, applicators and other high-quality car cleaning products to our customers. If you don’t agree & are not satisfied, let us know and we’ll do everything we can to make it right!

SONAX Xtreme Ceramic QuickDetailer (750 ml) Super Fast Paint Care with Ceramic Technology for a Perfect Paint Finish Ensures Extreme Smoothing of The Paint | Item No. 02684000

$37.14  in stock
2 new from $29.99
as of November 27, 2023 5:00 pm


  • The Sonax Xtreme Ceramic QuickDetailer ensures an extreme smoothness of the paint in no time at all and lets it shine in a mirror-like high gloss
  • Refreshes existing car ceramic seals and leaves a pearling effect
  • Suitable for film covered vehicles and surfaces. With Si-Carbon technology for a velvety soft surface
  • Box contents: 1 x Sonax Xtreme ceramic QuickDetailer (750 ml), 02684000
  • Sonax car care products – Made in Germany – Makes what moves us

Sonax 223300 Polymer Net Shield, 11.5 fl. oz.

$34.68  in stock
7 new from $29.99
Free shipping
as of November 27, 2023 5:00 pm


  • PROTECT YOUR PAINT - Sonax Polymer Net Shield protects your vehicle's paint surface with a quick and easy to apply bodywork sealant giving your vehicle UV protection and an anti-static finish
  • WAX FREE HYBRID PROTECTION - Organic and inorganic sealing polymer components provide durable wax free hybrid protection on your vehicle for up to 6 months, even in harsh weather conditions
  • HYDROPHOBIC FORMULA - Water repellent hydrophobic paint detailer formula beads and sheds water, dust, dirt and grime more effectively than a ceramic coating, making cleaning and washing easier and faster
  • RESTORE COLOR AND SHINE - Restores paint colors to original OEM polish and shine for a showroom mirror like finish on your car or truck
  • One 11.5 oz can treats 4-6 vehicles, safe for trim and plastic components

Magic Shield Graphene Ceramic Spray Coating - Quick & Easy Application for Cars, Motorcycles, Boats & More - Professional-Grade Sealant - Maximum Gloss & Shine - Long Lasting Protection - 9oz Bottle

$21.99  in stock
2 new from $21.99
Free shipping
as of November 27, 2023 5:00 pm


  • ⏳ Long-lasting Protection: Magic Shield Graphene Spray's advanced graphene-based formula creates a protective layer that defends against scratches, chips, and other damage, ensuring prolonged beauty for your vehicle.
  • Easy to Apply: Quick and hassle-free, just spray it onto your car's surface and wipe with a microfiber cloth. Perfect for those seeking efficient car ca
  • Glossy Finish: Achieve a showroom-ready, mirror-like finish that enhances your vehicle's appearance and makes it shine on the road.
  • ️ Protects Against Contaminants: The spray forms a hydrophobic surface, repelling water and guarding against dirt, grime, and bird droppings.
  • Versatile Use: Suitable for various surfaces including paint, metal, plastic, and glass, making it a comprehensive care solution.

What to look for when buying the best Sonax Ceramic Spray Coating

When you’re trying to find the best Sonax Ceramic Spray Coating for your needs, it can be difficult to know what to look for. There are so many options out there, and it’s important to consider the factors that matter most to you in order to make sure you get what you want.


First and foremost, the price of the product is important. You want to make sure that you’re spending your money wisely and not purchasing anything that isn’t worth the cost.

Quality and durability

Quality and durability are also important factors to consider when buying any product. If it’s not made well, then it won’t last long, which means you’ll be spending more money on replacements than if you had just bought a better quality product in the first place!

Reviews from other users

Reviews from other users can help you determine whether or not a product is worth buying or not. You can find reviews on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter or even review sites like Amazon where people leave their thoughts about different products they’ve purchased recently so that others know what they should expect before making their own purchases!

Brand name and reputation

Brands have reputations that they’ve built over time by providing quality products at reasonable prices while being easy to use. If a brand has been around for awhile (or even just seems reputable), then chances are they’ll continue making great stuff in the future too!

Style and design of the product

You don’t want to buy a product that is ugly and unattractive. You want a product that looks good and makes your home look beautiful. The style and design of the product should be something you like and can easily add to your home décor.

Ease of use

The product should be easy to use so that no one has trouble using it or learning how to use it. The product should be easy for everyone in your family or friends who may come over for parties or gatherings at your house.


And finally, you need something that comes with a warranty so if anything happens to your product within the first year (or whatever period) of owning it, then you can get it fixed or replaced without any hassle!


In conclusion, the best Sonax Ceramic Spray Coating are all unique in their own way. Each product has its own pros and cons, and none of them are perfect. However, each one product listed above does have its place in the market and is a great choice for someone who needs it.

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