14 Best Parametric Equalizer Car Audio: 2022 Expert's Reviews

14 Best Parametric Equalizer Car Audio: 2022 Expert’s Reviews

The best way to choose the best Parametric Equalizer Car Audio is by knowing why you want it and what you’re using it for. Our list of the best Parametric Equalizer Car Audio are designed to simplify your life, making sure that you can get the job done without any guesswork. With our diverse line-up of goods, we have just what you need. Made with the best materials and expertly crafted, they’re designed to last.

Whether you’re adding to your collection or getting started, we’ve got the best Parametric Equalizer Car Audio for you. With a variety of styles and sizes at a wide range of prices, there’s something for everyone in our selection.


List of 14 Best Parametric Equalizer Car Audio Reviews

CT Sounds CT-7EQ 7 Band 1/2 Din Parametric Car Audio Equalizer

$37.99  in stock
as of May 8, 2023 10:12 pm


  • The CT-7EQ is a 7 band 1/2 din parametric car audio equalizer designed to divide and enhance the segment of frequency for your car audio application
  • Car audio equalizer featuring 7 bands that divide 20Hz - 20kHz into 7 segments
  • Parametric Equalizer : 50Hz, 125Hz, 315Hz, 750Hz, 2.2KHz, 12KHz
  • Frequency Response : 25Hz-50KHz; Output Level: +16dB; Separation: >60dB; Bass Adjust: ±10dB; Mid Adjust : ±10dB; Treble Adjust: ±10dB; Sub Bass : 43Hz & 60Hz
  • Included with the car equalizer are installation brackets and hardware

LANZAR 4 Band Parametric Equalizer with Bluetooth Wireless Audio Connectivity HTGEPBT9H – Blue Light Illumination, Half-DIN, 3.5mm AUX Input Jack, Input Gain Adjustments

$97.53  in stock
2 new from $97.53
2 used from $84.97
Free shipping
as of May 8, 2023 10:12 pm


  • Half-DIN, 4-band preamp EQ with two selectable low pass crossovers (60Hz/90Hz).
  • This 4 band parametric equalizer features input gain adjustments, a voltage LED indicator, a rotary fader, output volume control, sub output volume/sweep/wide control.
  • The circuit delivers 9 Volts of preamp level signal through the RCAs.
  • Great for a variety of uses such as for home, studio, or even live performances. Has a maximum weight of 1.32 lbs.
  • It also includes mounting hardware for convenience and less hassle during setup. Perfect for a minimal studio setup.

Wet Sounds WS-420 SQ - 4 Band Parametric Equalizer with 3 Zone Operation with Microphone

 out of stock
as of May 8, 2023 10:12 pm


  • 3 Zone volume control for Tower Speakers, Cabin Speakers and Subwoofer zones Plus Master Volume Control
  • Built In Talk Back Microphone with Adjustable Volume Control
  • Dual 4 Band Parametric Equalizers for Tower & Cabin Zones
  • Main RCA input Plus Aux 3.5mm input Jack

Soundstream MPQ-5V Equalizer 5-Band Parametric Equalizer w/ Voltage

$52.99  in stock
6 new from $52.49
Free shipping
as of May 8, 2023 10:12 pm


  • 2 Selectable Balanced RCA Inputs w/ Input gain
  • Five Frequency Bands with +/- 18db Boost/Cut
  • Sub, Low, Mid, Mid-High, High
  • Selectable Low-Pass Filter: 32Hz, 64Hz, 125Hz
  • Independent Subwoofer Level Control

Gravity GR-EQP11 Digital Bass Machine 1/2 Din 9V 4-Way Car Parametric Equalizer w/Front, Rear + Sub Output and Night Illumination

$43.99  in stock
2 new from $43.99
Free shipping
as of May 8, 2023 10:12 pm



SoundXtreme ST-EQ755 1/2 Din 7 Band Car Audio Parametric Equalizer EQ with Front, Rear + Sub Output 8 Volt RMS Three Stereo RCA Output Built-in Input AUX / DVD Select Switch

$39.99  in stock
2 new from $39.99
Free shipping
as of May 8, 2023 10:12 pm


  • 7 equalization bands (50Hz, 125Hz, 315Hz, 750Hz, 2.2KHz, 6kHz, 16kHz), each frequency is adjustable from -12 to + 12dB (-15 to +15dB for subwoofer frequencies)
  • Active gain Pre-amp with adjustable input sensitivity
  • Master volume control with up to 8 volts RMS of output
  • Individual left and right sensitivity controls
  • Three stereo RCA output to drive front, rear, subwoofer

Cerwin Vega EQ770 7-Band Parametric Equalizer with Auxiliary Input

 in stock
7 new from $79.95
1 used from $115.99
as of May 8, 2023 10:12 pm


  • 7-band Parametric Equalizer
  • Aux Input
  • Up To 7v Rms Out
  • Dim: 9"h X 20"w X 14"d

Bass Rockers BREQ7 7 Bands Parametric Equalizer for Car Audio Stereo Amp Sub High Level Speaker Input High Power Front Rear and Subwoofer Output

$59.99  in stock
2 new from $59.95
1 used from $28.50
Free shipping
as of May 8, 2023 10:12 pm


  • 50Hz 125Hz 315Hz 750Hz 2.2KHz 6KHz 12KHz Boost/Cut Range +- 18dB
  • S/N Ratio :> 96dB Frequency Response: 25Hz - 50KHz
  • Power Source: 10-14.4V Input Current: 0.5A Max
  • Distortion: 0.01% THD at 1V output  Output Level: 16dB
  • Seperation: >60dB Bass Adjust: +- 10dB Mid Adjust: +-10dB Treble Adjust: +- 10dB Sub Bass: 43Hz & 60Hz

BOSS Audio Systems AVA1210 7 Band Pre-Amp Car Equalizer with Gold-Plated Front Rear and Subwoofer Outputs

 in stock
2 new from $48.87
Free shipping
as of May 8, 2023 10:12 pm


  • Front Adjustable EQ Band Frequencies: 125 Hz, 500 Hz, 3.5 kHz, 12 kHz
  • Rear Adjustable EQ Bands Frequencies: 50 Hz, 600 Hz, 6.3 kHz
  • Switchable Subwoofer Filter 32 Hz – 128 Hz, Frequency Response 10 Hz – 15 kHz
  • Inputs: Dual 2 Channel Source. Outputs: Front, Rear & Sub. Fader Control
  • Gain + / - 18 dB, Maximum Input Voltage 15 Volts, Maximum Output Voltage 8 Volts

Cadence CEQ777 4 Band Parametric Equalizer with 7V Line Driver, USB

$88.99  in stock
as of May 8, 2023 10:12 pm


  • 4 band parametric equalizer with 9 dB boost/cut.
  • Active gain equalizer with adjustable input sensitivity. High level input with auto turn-on.
  • Master volume control with up to 7 volts RMS of output.
  • Individual left and right sensitivity controls.
  • Separate subwoofer frequency and level controls.

Precision Power E.7 1/2 DIN 7-Band Parametric Equalizer with LED Display

$89.99  in stock
as of May 8, 2023 10:12 pm


  • FEATURES: This E.7 1/2 DIN 7-Band Equalizer includes: independent subwoofer level control, 2 selectable balanced RCA inputs, RCA outlets for front, rear, & subwoofer. It also includes white LED backlit control knobs and built-in 7V max line driver.
  • DESIGN: The equalizer contains 7 frequency bands, +/- 12dB boost/cut for each band, LED display shows frequency & voltage, variable 30-300Hz subwoofer low-pass filter, variable 15-50Hz 12dB subsonic filter, input selector switch & fade control.
  • RCA INPUTS: With the RCA inputs so that you can connect it to your aftermarket system. The RCA outputs ensure that your amplifiers will get a clean, powerful signal for maximum performance.
  • BALANCE LOW/HIGH: Precision Power E.7 offers 7 bands of equalization that’ll let you fine-tune your sound, along with independent master volume, subwoofer level, and fader controls that’ll maintain your highs and lows in balance.
  • VERSATILITY: Perhaps you have an older car stereo system that you need to get more or you have an all-new setup that you crave the maximum potential, this equalizer will help you achieve that by fine tuning your sound.

Aumotop 7 Band Car Equalizer Multifunctional Car Audio EQ Tuning Crossover Amplifier Parametric Equalizer Car Audio Equalizer

$25.99  in stock
as of May 8, 2023 10:12 pm


  • 7‑band car audio graphic equalizer with variable gain adjustment and high level speaker input, very practical in use.
  • With 6-channel front, rear and subwoofer aux stereo output which enhances your sound experience in the car. That makes sure that your amplifier and speaker receive a powerful but clear signal.
  • Allowed CD-and-Aux (2 channel) input with gain knob to adjust aux sound, also a CD-and-Aux input button could switch flexibly to another mode input.
  • Flexible control as your favor, subwoofer sound control, subwoofer frequency control, fader control, each various Hz control.
  • Strong metal chassis with fine quality rotary knobs for all controls to enhance your tips feeling.

PyleUsa Parametric Equalizer with Subwoofer - 5 Volt RMS Pre-Amp Output with Subwoofer Gain Control, and 2 Input Sources Selectable, Red & Green Light Illumination Selector

$47.99  in stock
3 new from $34.49
Free shipping
as of May 8, 2023 10:12 pm


  • RCA INPUT/OUTPUT: Our five-band parametric equalizer has a turntable input, pre-amp line aux inputs via RCA jacks, and an RCA line output for powered speakers. You may use the RCA output to connect a power amplifier, then connect the passive speakers
  • EQUALIZER AND VOLTAGE: An output voltage of 5V RMS at 0.05% THD 11V-15V and an operating voltage of 11V-15V.It also has a bass equalizer, mid-bass equalizer, mid equalizer, high equalizer and each frequency adjustable has a -12dB to +12dB
  • PARAMETRIC EQUALIZER DIMENSIONS: Our product has a dimension of 7'' x 4.1''x 1.10'' -inches with an approximate weight of 1.43 lbs. It was a 5 volt RMS pre-amp output with 3 input sources and it is in the size of half din
  • POWERFULLY IMMERSIVE AUDIO: Take your audio to the next level with our 5 bands parametric equalizer creating an audio experience that lets you listen to your beats. Filling the room with red & green lights that burst through the speakers.
  • WHAT YOU GET: You will receive 2 mounting brackets, 8 Phillips-head screws, and a power red wire with 1A fuse and pre-amp line aux inputs via RCA & phone jacks when you purchase our 5 band parametric equalizer

Power Acoustik PWM-20 Four Band Parametric Equalizer

$39.99  in stock
19 new from $39.99
Free shipping
as of May 8, 2023 10:12 pm


  • 2 selectable balanced inputs
  • Variable stereo input sensitivity
  • 4 bands 18Db parametric equalizer
  • Parametric Controls
  • Fader

Things to consider when buying the best Parametric Equalizer Car Audio

When you’re shopping for Parametric Equalizer Car Audio, it’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of buying something new. But before you make a purchase, there are some things to consider:


The price of a product is a huge factor in its quality and appearance. If you want something that will last, it needs to be made with high-quality materials and reinforced with durable stitching.


A good product will last a long time and retain its value over time. You want to know that you can use your product without worrying about breaking it or having it break down before its time is up.


Consider how easy it will be to use your new purchase every day—whether that means putting it away after use or working with it all day long! Does it fit into your routine easily? If not, think about how much time and effort it would take for you to change your routine around so that it does fit in well with what you need from


The longer something lasts, the more value it has to you. This can be true even if the item costs less than others—if it doesn’t fall apart after a few months of use, that means you’ll be getting more use out of it.


If you have an eye for beauty and style, this is another factor to consider when purchasing items. Does it look nice? Is it sleek and modern, or does it have an antique charm? Can you see yourself using it every day?

Warranty and return policy

If there’s something wrong with your product, who will take care of it? Will they give you a refund or replacement? Do they have a good track record for customer service? These questions can help make sure your purchase goes smoothly when something does go wrong—and trust me, no one wants to deal with returning or repairing something themselves!

Customer service

When considering which brand or company makes the best products for you, don’t forget about their customer service! Are they responsive? Do they respond quickly? Do they answer all your questions?


We’ve covered a lot of ground today. We’ve looked at the best Parametric Equalizer Car Audio, the worst products, and some products that are just okay. But what does it all mean?

In this post, we’ve talked about how to choose the best products for your needs and how to avoid buying things that aren’t worth your time or money. We’ve also talked about how to get the most out of your new purchase by choosing a product that actually works for you and using it properly.

If you’re looking for a good product, then look no further than our list of top 14 Parametric Equalizer Car Audio!

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