FIAT® Trackside Experience

The all-new FIAT® Trackside Experience is a one-day High Performance Driving experience developed by the Bondurant Racing School specifically for FIAT 500 Abarth owners and enthusiasts. Please review the details below carefully, as some exciting changes have taken place!

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Check-In: Check-in time varies. Please view the schedule for details.

Ground School: Ground School introduces basic car control skills and knowledge. This classroom session ensures that every driver has the best preparation before driving the exercises.

Exercise Rotation

Note: Lunch options will be available for purchase on-site.


Slalom: This will allow the participants to progressively become more comfortable with the FIAT 124 Abarth Spider and FIAT 500 Abarth vehicles as they work on vision skills, steering inputs, weight transfers and balance.

Shifting Exercise: To get the best performance out of the FIAT 124 Abarth Spider and FIAT 500 Abarth vehicles, we'll be practicing the 'Heel & Toe' shifting technique, the method of combining braking and downshifting when approaching a corner.

Auto-Cross: Auto-Cross is a miniature road course that is set up with cones. The goal is to get through the course as quickly as possible, without hitting any cones. Each cone hit is a penalty that adds 1 second to your time through the course. Objectives: Vision skills, car control skills, proper driving line.

On-Track Experience:

FIAT Rally Cross - First On-Track Activity: From the 'start box', driver #1, on the command to go, takes off and navigates around the track as quickly as possibly to the 'check point box'. LeMans style, drivers #1 and #2 switch places to then race back to the 'start box'. The quickest finished time will be the winner.

Lead-and-Follow: Experience driving on a proper race track. Drivers will follow an instructor, being shown the proper driving line, braking and acceleration points through the track. The driver's goal is to accurately replicate the instructor's car through the race course. Objectives: Proper line technique, vision skills, car control skills.

Hot Laps: The biggest thrill of the day! Drivers ride right-seat with a Bondurant Racing School instructor on some fast-paced laps around the race track.

Teen Driving Program

This program is designed especially for teens (ages 16-19) to help build skill and instill confidence in new drivers (and their parents) through teaching skills like car control, active driving, accident avoidance and awareness.

Prerequisites: Valid driver's license and six months of prior driving experience.

For more details on the Teen Driving Program, please call: 800-842-RACE.